Hot dishes

Pork oriental
Pork with vegetables in savory Hoysin sauce.
96.00 UAH
Ebi Chili
Tiger prawns in sweet Chili sauce, cooked according to Yoshi-San’s special recipe.
120.00 UAH
Mabo Dofu
Tofu soy cheese, smothered with pork and Shiitake mushrooms in spicy vegetable sauce.
76.00 UAH
Agedashi Tofu
180 g Tempura Tofu soy cheese with green onion, bonito slices and Agedashi sauce.
57.00 UAH
Saba Misoni
180 g Mackerel fillet, smothered in misoni sauce.
79.00 UAH
Emperial Shrimps
220 g Shrimps, fried in sour and sweet sauce with vegetables and fresh pineapple.
135.00 UAH
Tebasaki Kara-age Chili Sosu
160/30 g Deep frying marinated chicken wings with cweet chili sauce.
64.00 UAH
Suzuki Kara-age
200 g Deep fried sea bass fillet with Ankake vegetable sauce.
175.00 UAH
Dorado Aradaki
200 g Dorado fillet, smothered in Aradaki sauce with Shiitake mushrooms.
175.00 UAH
Ebi Mayo
220 g Tempura tiger shrimps on lettuce with Mayo sauce and tobiko.
116.00 UAH
Seafudo Furai Mix
180/30 g Scallop, shrimp, salmon and vegetables platter, fried in crispy panko brad crumbs, served with tonkatsu and chili sauce.
128.00 UAH
Salmon Teriyaki
100/50 g Norman salmon fillet, fried in sweet Teriyaki sauce with grilled vegetables.
82.00 UAH
Ebi Guriru
Grill tiger prawns with the head; served with sweet Chili sauce.
118.00 UAH
Red Dragon Chicken
220 g Marinated chicken fillet pieces, deep fied in spicy and sweet sauce with fresh pineapple slices.
98.00 UAH
Chicken Teriyaki
150/50 g Chicken fillet, fried in sweet Teriyaki sauce with grilled vegetables.
52.00 UAH
Ebi Gyoza
100/30 g Traditional fried dumplings with shrimp, served with gyoza sauce.
72.00 UAH
Buta Gyoza
100/30 g Traditional fried dumplings with pork, served with Gyoza sauce.
56.00 UAH
Masuru Motoyaki
Mussels, baked in Motoyaki sauce with tobiko.
85.00 UAH
Masuru Besha Sosu
New Zealand mussels, baked with mushrooms under white sauce with a crispy cheese crust.
85.00 UAH