Teppan dishes

Yakininu Beef
220 g Marinated moist beef pieces, fried in yakiniku sauce with vegetables.
125.00 UAH
Yakininu Pork
220 g Melting pork slices, fried in yakiniku sauce with vegetables.
98.00 UAH
Yaki Taraba
190 g King crab, baked with vegetables and tobiko in Matoyaki sauce.
270.00 UAH
Shifudoyaki Assorted
220 g Fried king prawns, scallop and salmon on the orange slices under savory Mikan sauce.
145.00 UAH
Kamo Ste-ki
Melting duck breast under original sauce Miso; served with grilled vegetables.
112.00 UAH
Shifudoyaki Chidzu Sosu
Tiger shrimps, scallop, octopus, squid and New Zealand mussels with broccoli and mushrooms under white creamy sauce.
175.00 UAH